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3 Handy Tips For Measuring Dog Clothes

2 years ago

You wouldn’t buy a t-shirt, dress or pair of shoes online without checking the size guide, so why would you risk it when choosing dog clothes?

Dogs come in many glorious weights, shapes and sizes – which makes it essential to measure your pup before buying a dog hoodie.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a super accurate sizing guide and our five golden rules below to help you get the precisely the right measurements and ensure you pick the right size dogbae hoodie the first time!

1. Measuring isn’t hard, use the tools you have at home

Measuring your pet doesn’t require fancy gadgets or tools, in fact you probably have these items already lying around at home – and if you don’t, it’s a safe bet that your family or friends do.

Use a measuring tape or long piece of string to collect your dog’s neck, chest and back measurements. Have your dog standing and then use the directions below:

  • Neck: measure around the neck (the circumference) where your dog’s collar would usually sit (make sure to take their collar off first).
  • Chest: start just behind the front legs and measure the – for a looser fit, add 2.5-5cm (1-2 inches) to your measurement.
  • Body: measure from the base of the neck (again from where the collar would usually sit) to the base of the tail and then subtract 5cm (2 inches).

After measuring your pet, go ahead and compare them to our sizing guide.

2. Use the measure app on your phone

If you can’t wrangle a measuring tape or piece of string, you can use the measure app on either your iPhone or Android to get a semi-decent measurement. Get your dog to stand up and keep still (having treats or a friend to hold them is ideal) and measure the chest, neck and back as below:

  • Neck: these apps don’t allow you to measure the circumference, so you will have to use the width. Measure the width of the next from the widest point (where the collar would sit). Double the width and add 5-6cm.
  • Chest: similarly to the neck, measure the widest part of the chest (usually behind the front legs), double your measurement and add 8-10cm.
  • Length: measure from the base of the neck (again from where the collar would usually sit) to the base of the tail and then subtract 5cm (2 inches).
Please note: this method is not as accurate as the measuring tape or string so we recommend sending us a photo too.

3. If in doubt, send us a photo on Facebook Messenger

We’ve gotten pretty great at eye-balling dogs and guessing their size. If you send us a photo of your pet via Facebook messenger, we’ll make a size recommendation usually within a few hours.

Please take a photo of the dog standing up, with an ordinary item (such as tennis ball) in the shot for reference. See below for an example.

Send us a photo via Facebook Messenger

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