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5 Common Questions About Dog Clothes

2 years ago
Dog Clothes Questions

Should dogs wear clothes?

The most important thing to remember when considering dog clothes is your pet’s own well-being and comfort. Sometimes its totally appropriate to dress your dog and other times its not. If you dress your dog and they are agitated, stressed, uncomfortable or showing signs of overheating – then dog clothes are simply not for them. Alternatively if you dress them and they’re totally OK with it, there is absolutely no harm in doing so to keep them warm.

Considering that how warm your dog is able to physically keep themselves is dependent on their breed, size and even age – there is only so much curling up they can do to keep themselves toasty – so a dog hoodie or coat is the perfect accessory to stave off the Winter chills. Please note – we definitely only recommend clothing your pet in the cooler months, never in Summer or warmer climates.

Are dog clothes bad for dogs?

Clothing is only bad for dogs when their owner(s) are not responsible! You know your dog’s temperament better than anyone else – if they have patience and aren’t fussed by wearing clothing, go for it. If they look panicked, scared or uncomfortable, give it a miss. While many dogs enjoy the extra attention dog clothes bring, it is not a great idea to dress shy, anxious or sensitive pets.

Dogs already have a fur coat, why would they need clothes?

While it’s true that most dog breeds have a fur coat capable of keeping them warm in the Winter months, some breeds have been bred to have less fur and it’s totally appropriate to dress them for extra warmth. Dogs with short-cropped hair or older dogs with weak immune systems or diseases that impair hair growth may need an extra source of warmth – the perfect prognosis for a dog hoodie!

All that being said, we’re not suggesting that amply furry dogs can’t participate in the dress-up fun, it just means that careful consideration must be taken when dressing them to prevent issues such as overheating – as previously mentioned: the most important thing to consider is your pet’s comfort and well-being.

How do I measure my pet for dog clothes?

You can read how to accurately measure your pet for dog clothes on our sizing guide page.

My is an S in another brand, why is he a M in yours?

Unfortunately there is no standard when it comes to dog clothes sizing among manufacturers. While your pup may be one size in one brand, he could be a completely different size in another. Our products are designed to cater for as many dog shapes and sizes as possible and our size guide shows you how to pick the right size the first time.

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