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How To Keep Your Dog’s Hoodie Looking Fresh

2 years ago
How To Wash Dog Clothes

If you’re the brand new owner of a Dogbae dog hoodie, we’ve got a few tips for keeping it in smick condition for as long as possible! All types of garments are prone to pilling or general wear and tear, but our tips will help you avoid pilling for as long as possible.

1. Only wash when necessary

Yes, dogs can get smelly (quick) and so can their outfits, but excessively washing your dog hoodie will eventually lead it to pill, no matter how you wash it.

2. Don’t let your dog roll around in it (too much)

Even if ‘roll over’ is the only trick your dog knows, the more they roll around in their hoodie, the more likely they are to: 

  • snag or tear it
  • wear it out faster
  • crack the printed section (e.g. the design)
  • roll in something super gross and stinky

Best to keep the roll over requests for while they’re not in their hoodie.

3. Don’t rub stains

If you spot an icky stain on your pet’s hoodie, try blotting with a moist towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing stains is more likely to cause pilling.

4. Turn your hoodie inside out when washing

An old trick, but a good one. Washing machines rub clothes against each other leading to friction and pilling – to prevent this, flip your hoodie inside out before chucking them in the wash.

5. Use the delicate cycle or wash by hand

Some washing machines have a delicate cycle which is a more gentle washing program that uses less agitation and a slower spin cycle (leading to less friction in the wash and less pilling). 

Alternatively you can wash by hand which we recommend to get the most life out of your hoodie.

6. Steer clear of the dryer

Dryers can shrink your hoodie and also cause pilling due to the heat and friction – it’s best to let your hoodie air dry on the line.

7. Best laundy conditions

The best laundry conditions for our hoodies are below:

  • Wash in 30° degree water
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on medium

Please note: Dogbae hoodies may have a light coloured box around the print of your hoodie design when you first receive it. This is part of the heat transfer process and should disappear after your first wash.

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